Facebook Timeline Background Image


I have just created a Facebook timeline background image in the style of a guitar amp head. I think it looks pretty cool, perfect for any musicians, or anybody that likes guitar based music. It is a collection of PSD files used to make Facebook timeline cover images in the style of classic guitar amp heads. Pixel Dimensions are 851px x 315px.

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Three PSD files with all layers clearly labled, grouped, and organized.

  • Facebook Timeline Cover – BLACK.psd
  • Facebook Timeline Cover – GOLD.psd
  • Facebook Timeline Cover – SILVER.psd
  • Read Me.txt

Books, books, books!

If you are looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend “The Furious Longing of God” by Brennan Manning. I have read it twice and was reading more of it again last night, wow, what an amazing book! I just finished Bill Johnson’s “Strengthen Yourself in The Lord” a couple of weeks ago, and really enjoyed that, it really impacted me.

I have a box of books I have never read, one of them being “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis. I might give that a try next, or maybe “Chasing the Dragon” by Jackie Pullinger, that’s been interesting me for a while now. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, I just remembered, I started and never did finish “Ringworld” by Larry Niven, maybe I should finish that before starting something new! 🙂

Rank / Rating / Achievement Award Symbols

I have created a new product that is currently for sale on Graphicriver.net. Fully customizable ranking/rating badges for use on websites, iPhone apps, forums, clans, etc. Anywhere that you need to show different levels of achievement, rank, or experience. Thousands of combinations to choose from. There are three colors of stars with 5 stars to turn on or off per color, 7 different symbols to choose from for displaying on the shield, 11 shield colors, 11 circle colors, 3 laurel wreath colors, and 5 ribbon colors. There are many layer styles that you can save and use in other work if you desire.

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