Jamie EdwardsJamie Edwards is a developer/marketer/photographer/designer located in Kelowna, BC, Canada. I live in an amazing part of the world, the Okanagan Valley. I have three beautiful children and one amazing wife! I love life, and enjoy what I do.

I built my first website around 1995, it was pretty ugly and simple I must admit compared to today’s standards, but the internet back then wasn’t exactly what it is now, things were clunky, and the “information superhighway” was mostly used to display static information. Things have certainly developed a great deal, and I can’t quite imagine what the world will be like in another 20 years.

I have been involved in many projects ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions over the years and have recently started exploring mobile solutions and app development.

I am currently taking select clients so if you have website, marketing, or graphic requirements drop me a line and we can chat and explore possibilities together.

You can contact me by using jamie@jamieedwards.com, or find me on or Facebook.



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