Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

Found this great article on SEO. This is a must if you are just starting out in SEO. Make sure to download the corresponding PDF file.

Now I will say this about this great resource, although yes, meta data, Google+ Authorship, Robot Syntax, User-agents, Sitemaps, HTML elements, etc are all really important. Good SEO can start, and really needs to start and end with good content. Google has clamped down so much, especially with the release of their latest algorithms¬† on the so called “short cuts” that really just look to them like “over optimization” (all page titles matching the urls, meta description, etc, etc.).

So if you want good results, you want to beat the competition, you want to have your site ranked highly, start writing your own content, REAL relevant content. If you have a site that sells purple widgets, use your expertise to tell the world about the color purple, about the world wide use of widgets since the industrial revolution, and start to see your site bubble up to the top.

With that in mind, here is a link to this resource:


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