Hello to everyone in Yemen!

I have been tracking my site’s statistics using Google Analytics, and have been enjoying looking at where people go, and what they look at on my site, also it is interesting to look and see where people visit my site from. There have been visits from all over Europe, such as Belgium, Germany, etc. and even Bulgaria. I have also had people visit my site from perhaps more “exotic” places such as Egypt, and Indonesia, but I was just a little surprised, and I don’t really even know why, by a single visit from The Yemen.

Now Yemen  is one of those countries that I have had a bit of a fascination with for many years. It caught my eye many years ago when I heard about the ancient mud brick tower houses, many of them hundreds of years old and some as high as 100 feet tall. Then there is the biologically isolated Socotra island, a place I would love to visit someday, from the pictures I have seen it looks to be an amazing place. Anyway, I know this is a random post, but if you are from Yemen, and you are visiting my site, make sure to leave a comment to say hello!

Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on Yemen

Sana'a, Capital of Yemen

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